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Veuillez me contacter en mentionnant les titres des partitions que vous désirez recevoir!

Please send me a message for any of the charts below. It will be a pleasure to share these transcriptions!

Transcriptions gratuites
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Avishai Cohen - Two Roses (Full score + all parts)

New York Voices - Jackie

Gilad Hekselman - Verona

Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass - On a Slow Boat to China

Lage Lund - Aquanaut

Petros Klampanis - Night in Tunesia

Rusconi - One up down left right

Thelonious Monk - In Walked Bud (personal arrangement)
Dave Holland - Claressence

Ivan Lins - Depois dos Temporais

Lorne Lofsky - Dolphin Dance

Brian Girley - Faith

Matiss Cudars - Biking Under Violet Sky

Cyrille Aimée - Just the Two of Us

John Coltrane - Countdown (personal arrangement)

Sam Rivers - Beatrice

Youn Sun Nah - Frevo
Aaron Goldberg - Aze's Bluzes

Ask for the charts !


Guitar Solo Transcriptions

Jonathan Kreisberg - Juju

Joe Pass - Tricrotism

Gilad Hekselman - Belle

Kurt Rosenwinkel - Dewey Square

Pat Martino - Just Friends

Pat Metheny - Every Summer Night

Jonathan Kreisberg - My Favorite Things

Ask for the charts !

Free -

All solos from the album "First in Mind" of Mike Moreno

First in mind

Soun Dance


By Myself

But Beautiful

Milagre Dos Peixes

A Flor E O Espiho

In a Silent Way

Mantra #5

Ask for the charts !

Garder la tension

Complete Leadsheets Songbook

Et puis Soudain...


Le chapitre manquant

La légende du chasse-neige

Sombre village

As de trèfle

Captations clandestines

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15$ or 2$ per song
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Witness & Reactions

Complete Leadsheets Songbook

Overture indeed


Breaking Bad

Inner Revision

T-Rex Interrex

Instant Moments

Un type louche

Forsaken Wizard

Lizard Perspective

15$ or 2$ per song
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